Widecombe in the Moor - Current Resources

The church is completely closed for visitors to help us keep safe. 

Services in church will resume on 6th December at 10.30, and there will also be a 10.30 service on 13th. Our Carol Service will be at 6pm on Sunday 20th and our Christmas Day will be at 10.30.

During this difficult time, please find here our weekly services for you to use at home. Sunday services should be available from  Friday evening each week. Click to download a PDF or Word document. (If you'd like to print it out, the Word Document will use less paper!)

Current Service:

 Sunday 29th November - Advent Sunday

Advent Sunday - PDF

Advent Sunday - Word

 Download Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Service in Church: here

Resources for Meditation and Quiet Reflection

 Quiet Reflection - Suffering

Reflection - Suffering (PDF)

Reflection - Suffering (Word) 

 Quiet Reflection - Bread

Reflection - Bread (PDF)

Reflection - Bread (Word)

 Quiet Reflection - Wisdom 

Reflection - Wisdom (PDF) 

Reflection - Wisdom (Word) 

 Quiet Reflection - Kindness

Reflection - Kindness (PDF)

Reflection - Kindness (Word) 

 Prayer at Home Card

Prayer at Home PDF


 Quiet Reflection - Patience

Reflection - Patience (PDF) 

Reflection - Patience (Word) 

 Quiet Reflection - Gentleness

Reflection - Gentleness (PDF)

Reflection - Gentleness (Word)

 Quiet Reflection - Love

Reflection - Love (PDF)

Reflection - Love (Word)

 Quiet Reflection - Hope

Reflection - Hope (PDF)

Reflection - Hope (Word)

Latest copy of the Link

If you need support from our local volunteers, here's the link to the Widecombe Council support page: https://www.widecombe-in-the-moor.com/support/

Geoffrey   01364 621334  Email

Service themes and Readings:

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